Physical Therapy Assistant Training Information

Physical Therapy Assistant Training

Physical therapy assistant training will teach one how to do the following things:

* evaluate patients
* hook patients up the various equipment and to know how to operate it
* how to fit patients for braces and other supportive devices
* how to perform general office duties
* how to perform chest physiotherapy
* how to provide treatment such as massages or heat/cold packs
* how to give at home treatment instructions such as proper exercise techniques and

Going into the field – what you need to know and how to properly prepare:

* have a high school diploma or GED
* graduate from your training
* pass exams in your state and meet licensing requirements (obtain your license)
* if you are still in high school and want to go into this field – some helpful courses to take
while in school would be anatomy, health education, nursing if offered and physiology

It is also good to know that employers look for people who are people friendly and has a desire to help others in need. So if this fits you then this just may be the field for you.

What about the salary of a physical therapy assistant – you have the ability to make on average about $49,000+ per year depending on where you live and work along with benefits like sick and annual leave and paid holidays. This industry is expected to grow over the next three of four years at a rate of about 10% so there will be jobs available to apply for. Doing your leg work now and getting credentialed is key to your longevity in the field.

Physical therapy assistant training opens the doors to so many other opportunities and not only educational or work wise but as far as who you can meet in the industry. Just think if you choose to only work with athletes – you get to meet so many famous people which in return could lead to you making more money. By that – if you do such a good job on the athletes that come your way they may want to hire you as their own personal therapist and this can triple your salary big time. Some other areas you can look at after obtaining your physical therapy assistant training would be massage therapists, recreational therapists, exercise physiologists, fitness trainers and occupational therapists. Your earnings of the average $49,000 could take you as high as $60,000 just from moving about in your field of study.

Physical Therapy Assistant Training Conclusion

Other things you should know is that you should be in good health yourself and physically fit. This is because you will have use all parts of your body to assist your patient. Some you will have to help lift up, or help participate in their training exercises and this requires you to be fit so that you do not give out before the patient. You will have to think creatively to help your patient, resolve issues and deal with frustrations which comes naturally when a person has been injured.

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