Radiation Therapist Training Information

Radiation Therapist Training

Radiation therapy is one of the various types of healthcare occupations. With radiation therapy a person can get radiation treatment in order to help get rid of cancer. The people who provide radiation therapy are known as radiation therapists. These are well trained professionals who work with patients suffering from cancer. Like all other occupations, radiation therapy requires people to have a certain education and training in order to begin a career in this field. Compared to other healthcare occupations, radiation therapy is among the least demanding of the healthcare jobs. Once completing a radiation therapy program an individual will be able to practice and treat patients.

The first step in getting radiation therapist training is to first get a certain type of education. This is usually a program that anyone can attend at a two year community college or a health science school. Radiation therapist training usually requires two years of study in a classroom setting. During the program students will need to take courses in subjects such as anatomy and physiology, physics, radiology and radiation treatments. While going through the educational program, students will also need to work in a hospital or clinical setting to get more hands on training. This hands on training allows prosective radiation therapists to interact with patients as well as learn about all of the equipment necessary to provide the radiation treatment.

After the two year educational program is completed they will then need pass a licensing exam. This exam will cover all of the fundamental aspects of radiation therapy along with ethical issues. Once a person passes the exam they will be licensed and be able to practice radiation therapy. It is important that radiation therapists are ARRT certified as this is often a requirement to get employment in this field. About 33 of the 50 states in the United States require licensure.

While in radiation therapist training, people in this occupation will need to also learn on the job and get some practical experience. This will give them the ability to deal with patients and get hands on knowledge at the same time. Like many other healthcare occupations the fundamental training is provided but the education and training of this occupation is constant. Along with the other healthcare occupations, radiation therapy will demand that practitioners stay up to date on the newest advances in radiation technology and procedures. In other words radiation therapists will need to recieve continuing education once every two years.

Radiation Therapist Training Conclusion

Radiation therapy can be a very rewarding career as it is among the highest paying healthcare occupations there is. However helping others overcome significant health problems such as cancer is what makes this occupation fulfilling. The training required can be quite demanding but is not as long as physicians, physician assistants and nurses. The radiaton therapy training is still quite practical and provides both theoretical and hands on knowledge which results in people being well trained to work in this occupation. Radiation therapy training is among the most comprehensive training programs in the healthcare field.

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