An overview on ultrasound technician jobs

Ultrasound technician jobs constitute medical professionals who handle ultrasound machines. The machine utilizes sound waves for producing images of blood vessels, tissues and internal organs for interpretations and analysis by doctors who use it for diagnosing diseases. Ultrasound machine is primarily used for viewing fetus.

Ultrasounds embody a field of medicine which is utilized for detecting medical issues by means of images that are produced by sound waves. In addition to obstetrics; ultrasounds have numerous applications like neurosonography and ophthalmologic sonography. Ultrasound technician is expected to perform an array of duties. Let’s have a look at them.

  • Providing patients with details of the process.
  • Proper handling of machine.  
  • Maintaining patient records
  • Preparing work schedule.
  • Proffering best images to the doctor for correct diagnosis.  
  • Evaluating purchase of machines.


For becoming this technician one needs to take specialized training in the field of diagnostic medical sonography. One can take training in a vocational institute, in a hospital or from a college. Majority of the training courses have accreditation of commission on accreditation for allied health education programs. One great thing about ultrasound technician jobs is that you don’t need a license for practice; though certification is offered by institutes like American registry of diagnostic medical sonographers. You need to clear a general and a specialty examination for getting the registration.

Majority of ultrasound technicians work in hospitals and rest of them are employed in imaging centers or physician’s office. Getting this job depends on a number of factors, as mentioned below.

  • Qualifications are the most important factor when it comes to the job of ultrasound technician.
  • Physical strength and endurance to lift or help individuals in moving for obtaining good images.
  • Visual training for choosing the right image.
  • Ability to learn about diagnostic equipment.  


The salary of an ultrasound technician can range anything from $50,000 to $65,000. It depends on many things like training, job location, job position and most importantly experience.

Ultrasound technician jobs are anticipated to grow at a fast pace over the next ten years. The main reason behind this is that people nowadays prefer non radiation and safe procedures. The job of ultrasound technician is without doubt an incredible option for those who want to get into medical field. If you want a bright career then do mull over this brilliant profession.

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