Ultrasound Technician Salary – Ultrasound Tech Pay

Ultrasound Technician Salary – How High Can It Go?

Ultrasound technicians; also referred to as diagnostic medical sonographers are employed in hospitals and physician’s offices. They handle machines that utilizes sound imaging for helping physicians to diagnose diseases. The average salary of ultrasound technicians in 2005 as per the survey of society of diagnostic medical sonography (SDMS) was $61,984.

There are many variables that effect every careers salary potential, medical technical jobs not being excluded from this. Because of these variables, you will see a great deal of fluctuations and differences between ultrasound tech salaries. One of the biggest variable that you can control is your schooling. This will not only effect how easily you can get in with your first job, but how much you could make as well. It can even effect where you are able to get a job as an ultrasound tech, which leads us to another variable effecting salaries.

The location of your employment can play a big factor in your potential annual salary as a UT. Both your geographic location as well as your place of employment can play big roles in effecting your salary. The local economics will effect the expected ultrasound technician salary by state as well as even causing fluctuation from city to city within the same state. For example, working in a large hospital can offer a big difference in pay from working in a small physicians office.

If you’re experienced in the field and are looking to relocate from one job place to another, your level of experience and any specialized training you have recieved while on the job will determine what your new salary could be.

Looks look at these variables affecting salary a bit closer…

Ultrasound technician salary depends on a number of factors which are noted below:

  • Education is the most important factor when it comes to the salary of an ultrasound tech. It does not matter whether you get an associate’s or a bachelor’s degree; what matter is the program you opt in for. Ensure that the program you choose is accredited.
  • Certification is another vital factor. Once you finish your education and training, do get a certification from the American registry of diagnostic medical sonography. Employers tend to prefer ultrasound technicians who have a certification.
  • Employers decide salary on the basis of experience and position. Entry level ultrasound technicians earn much less than those who are in a senior position like that of a chief technologist or manager.
  • This profession has many fields in which a technician can specialize in; like obstetrics, echocardiography and neurosonology. Ultrasound techs who have specialization in more fields get better salary.
  • The American society of radiologic technologists reported in year 2007 that those technicians who were employed in physician’s offices had an average salary of $60,214; while those who worked in for- profit hospitals earned only $60,606. So ultrasound technician salary depends a lot on the place you work in.
  • Job location also influences salary of a technician. As per the reports of ASRT; ultrasound technicians in Massachusetts, Washington and California had the highest pay in year 2007 and technicians in Alabama, South Dakota and West Virginia had the lowest salaries.


The duration of the programs for this job can range anything from 1 to 4 years. Institutes offer certificate program, associate degree, bachelor’s degree and also master’s degree. The best thing about ultrasound technician jobs is that it offers flexibility; you can work either full-time or part-time.

Ultrasound technician salary is one of the reasons many people are considering this profession. The demand for ultrasound technician jobs is likely to grow at a fast rate over the next ten years. If you are looking out for a bright career option then do think about this wonderful occupation.

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