Ultrasound Technician Requirements | What Are They?

Ultrasound Technician Requirements

The technology of ultrasound is utilized for assessing health of babies in womb and also for diagnosing abdominal conditions, nervous system disorders, cardiovascular abnormalities and more. Majority of ultrasound technicians are employed in hospitals and physician’s offices. This position is amongst the highest paying in medical field which does not call for a four year degree.

If we talk of ultrasound technician requirements then almost all employers need technicians to obtain an associate degree in diagnostic medical sonography. One can get this after completing a two year training program. The needed coursework comprises of physics, patient evaluation and care, medical terminology and anatomy and physiology. It’s advised that individuals who want to work as ultrasound technician must take up courses in biology, health, English, physics, mathematics and chemistry in high school.

Certain ultrasound technician courses incorporate clinical procedures, physics of ultrasound and ultrasound machine operation. Prospective ultrasound technicians also need a clinical internship to get the degree. Ultrasound technicians who aspire to carry out specialized procedures have to obtain a bachelor’s degree. In this training program students are trained to perform abdominal sonography, obstetric and gynecology sonography, vascular technology, ophthalmology, diagnostic cardiac sonography and neurosonology.

Individuals who are already employed in healthcare can go in for a certificate program for learning ultrasound technology. A lot of employers need ultrasound technicians to get registered through American registry of diagnostic medical sonography (ARDMS). This organization offers credentials for both sonography and its specialized fields. One needs to pass a general and a specialty test in order to get the registration.

Apart from these ultrasound technician requirements; yet another important requirement is that the ultrasound technicians must have certain level of fitness mainly because they spend a lot of time standing and performing repetitive movements. They are also required to move and lift the patient to get the good images for correct diagnosis.

If you want to become a qualified ultrasound technician then just fulfill these ultrasound technician requirements noted above. You can work at hospitals and many other healthcare facilities. The salary of these technicians ranges anything from $50,000 to $60,000. Income depends on a number of factors like qualifications, job location, experience and job position. Ultrasound technician is without doubt a lucrative career. This profession has a bright future as it has been estimated that ultrasound technician jobs will boost up by 18% by the year 2018.

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