Interview: Greg Kunin from Ola Loa reveals the health secrets of drinkable vitamins

In this NaturalNews exclusive interview, Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) interview Greg Kunin of Ola Loa ( about nutrition, quality supplements, disease prevention and much more. Adams received no money to conduct this interview and earns nothing from the sale of Ola Loa products.

Mike: I’m joined here today by Greg Kunin, of Ola Loa. Better known as Drink Your Vitamins Company. I understand you have a new product on the market Greg; can you tell us about that?

Greg: Well, we’re very excited, it’s a product called Ola Loa SPORT. It’s designed for people who have an active life. Whether you are a soccer mom, to an extreme athlete. Our new product provides significant nutrient support in an absolutely delicious drink that can be taken with or without food, even on an empty stomach.

Mike: Okay, so people may already be familiar with your existing formulation, which is the Ola Loa ENERGY product.

Greg: Well that’s our foundation multivitamin product. It replaces over a dozen vitamin pills, and it’s providing therapeutic doses of vitamin C and trimethylglycine and glycine, all in gram doses.

Mike: Let’s talk about the qualitative difference in your product than some of the others that are out there on the market.

Greg: Well in large measure, up until Ola Loa came along, the only products that were available in powder form were nothing more than vitamin C with usually five or six grams of sugar. In fact I’ve seen a couple of other products that were as much as 90% sugar and very little nutrient support. Ola Loa was the first company to actually go outside the box and say, how do we get qualitative nutrient support in a single packet? So, we’re providing your vitamins, your minerals, amino acids, digestives, in a powder form. Unlike anything else on the market today.

Mike: And also, even though your product uses the term energy, this is not based on the typical context of that word where other companies may put in caffeine or other kinds of stimulants. This is more of a cellular energy, correct?

Greg: Absolutely, we provide both the cellular energy with the use of coenzyme Q10 which is the key to energy production at the mitochondria. It is what really fires the cell. Of course then we’re providing muscle energy through the use of trimethylglycine and glycine and arginine. These key amino acids that produce SAM-e, which is muscle energy. We’re not providing a stimulant. No caffeine, no herbal stimulate of any sort.

Mike: And yet the energy on this product is amazing! As a personal note, I put a package of Ola Loa energy into my morning smoothie everyday, and I drink blended cucumbers and celery, with some fruits as well, and I’ll tell you just last night in my Capoeira class, I think I wore out two other people with some of the moves and I was ready for more. The endurance on this is just unbelievable.

Greg: Well, your body’s working better. What of course is really exciting about all our products is that we take into consideration an area of biochemistry that’s known as methyltransferase. This is really – I think one the most important aspects of what Ola Loa is all about. My father as you know has been in the medical profession for over fifty years and has been one of the leaders in an area known as orthomolecular medicine. Some people would refer to it as a nutritional orientated approach to treating disease. This has really become the most significant pathway that my father has identified in all of the years that he’s been in medical practice.

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