Rush Hampton 61001 Mosquito Catcher Review

Mosquito catchers have always been controversial for me in terms of animal rights. This is why when I write this review of Rush Hampton 61001 Mosquito Catcherit’s a little hard to know what to write, to say it’s good or don’t lure Mosquitoes that mean no harm, it’s just their nature.

Rush Hampton 61001 Mosquito Catcher is constructed of durable metal, Electronic application of powdered apoxy for rust resistance, Black/green in color. The quiet fan without propane attracts mosquitoes with non-intrusive attractor lights. And this is where I am not at ease. Kind of not fair to Mosquitoes, but what else can you do?

The Mosquito Catcher is lab tested to the more effective than other units on the market. It is tested in the Florida Wetlands, UL tested for the outdoors. Rush Hampton 61001 Mosquito Catcher is environmentally friendly, odorless, no propane, pesticides, flame, or annoying zapping noises. Unit takes little to no maintainence, easy to move, very safe even around children.

This is the information that the manufacturer of Rush Hampton 61001 Mosquito Catcher has provided.
The new Mosquito Catcher uses state-of-the-art technology to solve the problem of annoying mosquitoes and biting flies. The Mosquito Catcher is a safe, durable, easy to asseble and operate, highly effective and very affordable. There’s nothing else like it on the market.

Product Description
ELECTRIC MOSQUITO CATCHER Electric-just plug it in Runs on manual or automatic Heat and light attraction Patented fan system Collection drawer 2 sets of legs (patio or yard) Durable metal construction UL approved Boxed The Rush Hampton mosquito catcher is becoming a leader in mosquito abatement. Rush Hampton 61001 Mosquito Catcher is a product that is known to effectively control mosquitoes at a reasonable price point compared to the leading brand. This item is unique as it does not use propane or chemicals, just plug it in.

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