Five Weight Loss Tips From Eat Clean Diet Expert

Tosca Reno, best selling author of The Eat Clean Diet Book Series and Celebrity Fitness Expert offers her Top 5 Strategic Tips for becoming a leaner person.

Recently CNN reported that over 100 million Americans make New Year Resolutions with losing weight and saving money as the top 2 on their list. Additionally, about 4 out of 5 Americans don’t stick with their resolutions. Bottom line: Resolutions are easy to make, easy to break. If a person wants to stick with them, they have to develop a strategic plan.

Tosca Reno, best selling author of The Eat-Clean Diet Book Series and Celebrity Fitness Expert offers her Top 5 Strategic Tips in becoming a leaner person in the New Year that will also save lots of money.

1) A person should assess themself. Be brutally honest about how they look and feel now. Take a photo, date the back and tuck it away in a journal or wallet. Set a realistic goal, write it down and start visualizing it.

2) Develop an Eat-Clean plan A lifestyle of eating healthy with increased activity is much more valuable than a quick 5 pound weight-loss plan. An important part of this plan is sticking to less refined, prepackaged foods – and that will save tons of money.

3) Carry food in a cooler. Most of us work outside of the home, so eating out becomes a necessity … but if eating out means restaurant food, it’s expensive for both the wallet and the waistline. Adapting to new healthy habit of carrying a cooler loaded with Eat-Clean small meals will virtually guarantee results. Pack the cooler the night before with leftovers from dinner. This is a huge time- and money-saver.

4) Never skip breakfast. Rev up the metabolism by making sure to eat 5 or 6 meals daily. Incorporate the powerful fat-burning combo of lean protein and complex carbohydrates in every meal. Add at least 2 liters of water every day. Switching from drinking sodas to water will make a significant difference right away.

5) Gather a support team. They should accessible at all times. Having a strong support network makes a person more likely to succeed at reaching their goals. Think positive – expect the best. Life is magic, live it to the fullest now. They should enjoy the journey they are now on to becoming a leaner version of themselves … and save lots of money for a new wardrobe in the process.

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