Fight bacterial vaginosis by choosing natural cures

Many women are faced with the dreaded condition of Bacterial Vaginosis (BV) whereby all attempts at staying fresh and hygienic is short lived. As a result many are humiliated and prefer not to make any contact with other people because the fishy stench is unbearable. Coupled with the smell comes an itchiness is that is just plain horrible.

It takes one with an amazing will power to seek out a doctor. Following the examination you are then given a prescription and picking it up from the pharmacist is also painful as it lets someone else in on what you are suffering with. Once equipped with your medication you get home and start treatment thinking that this is going to solve all your problems. It works but little do you know that bacterial vaginosis has a tendency to return after a few months.

The reasoning behind the failure of medication provided by a medical practitioner is quite simple to explain. A healthy vagina needs to have the correct balance between the good and bad bacteria. When the bad bacteria overrun the good bacteria one is bound to get a bacterial infections. All the medication is doing is killing off both the good and bad bacteria. When the vagina repopulates itself it will result in the same condition and possibly could make the situation worse. The best approach is to feed the vagina with the good bacteria.

Don’t be discouraged as you will soon learn that there are alternate ways to find a solution by making use bacterial vaginosis natural treatments. You may be taken aback to figure out that you are already have a bacterial vaginosis natural remedy sitting in one of your cupboards at home. The cure can be in the form of herbs, cultured yoghurt and a number of other naturally occurring substances that effectively removes the problem. No individual is alike and you probably need to undertake some exploring before you figure out which bacterial vaginosis home remedy best suits you.

Washing with scented soaps and gels are common mistakes many women make to rid themselves of the fish smell which only heightens the problem. When cleaning water on its own is what is needed and you also have the option of washing with diluted tea tree oil.

All health conditions need to be treated fast as they can lead to the dysfunction of other systems. In the case of BV diseases Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) is common. The bacteria start invading the uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes and can possibly render a woman infertile.

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