Recurring Yeast Infections? How to Beat Recurring Candida Fast!

Did you know that something like 50% of all yeast infection sufferers will have more than one infection? And many will suffer frequent recurring infections. How can this be when yeast infection can be treated so easily with over the counter or prescription medications? You’re about to find out why so many women and men get recurring yeast infections and how to prevent them with natural home remedies.

So what is it about mainstream drug-based medications that they don’t seem to work for many people? The problem would seem to be that they only attack the local symptoms but not the underlying causes of yeast infections. What this means is that, whilst your symptoms may disappear, there is nothing to prevent recurring attacks if the root causes aren’t fixed too.

A further complication is that with recurring yeast infections comes recurring drug-based treatments. So that the Candida fungi that is responsible for your symptoms can become resistant to the drugs with repeated use. And, of course, as with any drug treatment, there are some pretty nasty side effects for many people. Which is another reason why so many more people are using natural ways to beat their recurring Candida infections…

One popular way is to eat plenty of natural yogurt everyday. This yogurt — which mustn’t contain sugar, fruit, coloring, or any other additives — has live, active good bacteria in it. These help to kill-off the Candida fungi in your gut. But you can also apply the yogurt over the local area symptoms too. And you can also coat a tampon with plenty of yogurt to take care of the Candida inside.

Another way to help beat recurring Candida is to drink diluted natural raw apple cider vinegar. This works by re-balancing your body pH and so helps to prevent fungal growth. Take 3 teaspoons of vinegar in a glass of water three times a day. In addition, gently douche the affected area with 2 tablespoons in 2 quarts of warm water.

Finally, use the natural anti-fungal benefits of raw garlic. Eat it regularly to help fight the Candida fungi in your gut and apply a paste of it over the affected area. You may also make it into a tampon for internal use by wrapping a peeled clove in muslin or similar soft material.

My research shows that these are 3 very popular home remedies for recurring yeast infections. But my research also shows that you will need to do more to increase your chances of a complete cure. This is because the major contributors — underlying causes — for recurring yeast infections are a lowered immune system, decreased good bacteria levels in the body, changes in hormonal levels, too much sugar in blood and even some drugs you may be taking.

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