Where Can I Buy A Laser Lipo Machine

Where can I buy a laser lipo machine ? That’s a good questions, and one that warrants proper due diligence if you are in the market for such a machine. There are several vendors of this type of machine and the market is growing at an incredible rate because of the results that this type op treatment offers. Whilst some call it miraculous, it’s actually quite a simple science, so with that in mind, let’s look at the alternatives.

Non Invasive laser liposuction machines.

Strawberry Lipo is a high quality machine and probably the one responsible for opening up the market due to this company’s vigorous high end marketing campaigns. The machine offers good results and the salon owners are generally well trained and know what they are doing. The product is simple to use and needs no specialist qualifications.

Smart Lipo is also a good product with a strong customer following based on quality and good results.

i-Lipo is undoubtedly one of the market leaders, but it is also one of the most expensive machines and the price does not seem to be justified when you establish the fact that all of these machines work on exactly the same wavelength, so from a results perspective, they really don’t and cannot differ.

Enter Lumislim, the newest and unquestionably best machine to hit the market. Lumislim differs from all of the others because it is the only machine that is manufactured to medical grade standards. All of the other machines are manufactured to consumer grade. Nothing wrong with that, it’s just that Lumislim is a much more robust and better built machine. You can see the quality instantly. It is built from high grade materials and put together with millimeter precision.

The second main difference is price. Lumislim is now evadible for just 5,999 which is clearly much better than the close to 20,000 of the Strawberry Lipo and 40.000 of the I-Lipo.

How come such a low price ? Simple really, Crystal Medical carry a range of 2000 products which is growing daily. The other suppliers carry either 1 or a small number of products, so their whole business is built around selling that product. Crystal Medical is more of a marketplace that allows buyers to acquire products at a more realistic price.

This offers several advantages for the salon owner as they are able to offer their clients this amazing treatment at a price which would appeal to a wider audience.

It’s always the same when a niche product comes to market, the prices are artificially high when there are only a small number of suppliers. When competition enters the marketplace prices inevitably fall. It will be interesting to see if Strawberry Lipo and the others bring their prices down to a more realistic level, or try to trade on their marketing budget, which the customer always pays for. If you want to buy a laser lipo machine, then Lumislim is clearly the frontrunner.

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  1. Laser lipo does not work. I had it done 3 months ago with Dr Cohen at the Melrose Aesthetic Clinic in South Africa. It cost me R30 000. I am so upset, I went though alot of pain, bruising and wearing a garment. An nothing worth talking about. I have pictures to prove it on I am so upset about it

    • you are such a lair
      shame on you

      i just had a baby 2months ago and i went for 4 treatments and i seen results theres non pain nor is there bruises

      this lippo machine works wonders that im looking to buy my own to start my own lippo business

      please stop talking crap 3 lipos does not cost R30 000 its about R500 each thats if you dont get it on special and the special cost R200

      you so sick to lie like that

  2. I really want to get the Lumislim but nomatter hoe much research i do i just cant get one…please could you help me to find someone who could sell me the machine. where did you get that price of 5,999 from…..who told you because as far as i know the crystal medical lumislim sells for 51,000, i would rather buy it at your price!!!!!!!!!!! Please could you reply to me asap!!!!!!!!!! Desperate!

  3. Hi I would love to purchase one of that lumislim laserlipo machines of 5,999 I’m staying in Vereeniging Gauteng province thanks

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